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We take note of the advice of a local: "Do not go through Igherm, go back to Agadir and take the road to Biougra. Once Aït Baha passes, after the dam, follow the small road with no sign that branches off to the right and you will have the most beautiful views.

Indeed, the road rushes into a peaceful valley, dotted with tiny pink or ocher villages and a few palm trees. Its flanks preserve the indelible traces of ancient terraces. Who had the courage to shape these thousands of low walls? Where did the peasants go? What could they grow?

Road between Agadir and Tafraout, MoroccoRoad between Agadir and Tafraout, Morocco
At Taroudant, we were told that goats climbed into the argan trees only in summer when there was nothing to graze on the ground. But at the turning of a turn, we come across a couple of bikes in full rehearsal of their tightrope number!

Goat eating the leaves of a tree in Morocco Goat eating the leaves of a tree in Morocco
The mysterious valley ends at Tizourgane, where there is a kasbah of fifty houses, perched on a hillock. This landscape of great serenity would leave without speech the most talkative of the carpet dealers of Marrakech. As we approach Tafraut, the mountains rise. Above our heads, the rock is tinged with pink, a color that blends marvelously with the shy green of the spring tufts of grass that line the ground.

Kasbah of Tizourgane, MoroccoTizourgane, Morocco

The valley of Tafraout

The town of Tafraout itself only lodges five thousand inhabitants. But the name designates by extension a flop of small villages nestled in the same valley. We pack our bags for three days in one of these villages, in Ammelne. The hotel does not fault the legendary Moroccan hospitality, with a sincere welcome and, of course, the traditional mint tea of welcome. At breakfast, we enjoy msemmen , a kind of puff pastry that spreads with amlou , a mixture of honey, almonds, peanuts and argan oil. Just for that, we will return to the south of Morocco!

Drawing: breakfast in the south of Morocco
The first afternoon, we stroll around the roads, stopping every two minutes to catch the breath that landscapes cut us. The houses matching the pink granite of the mountains are scattered amid almond trees, argan trees, and palm trees.

Tafraout, MoroccoTafraout, Anti-Atlas, MoroccoTafraout in the mountains in MoroccoTafraout, Anti-Atlas, MoroccoTafraout, Anti-Atlas, MoroccoTafraout, Anti-Atlas, MoroccoTafraout, Anti-Atlas, Morocco

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