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Apr 6th 2017, 9:26 pm

Affordable hajj and umrah express Packages for 2017 For families in London with Flights, Hotels, Visa and Transportation project from the original double-long to get to the end of September 2012 to early June 2013 opening, around nine months; Taine Creek project from Beijing courtyard to get to the end of January 2013 to the beginning of the year opened, just one year time. COFCO Creek project on the situation, the reporter contacted Li Jinan real estate manager in the food, but did not receive a reply. COFCO Property who had disclosed, Creek project underway preparation, specific pricing, time to market that are not allowed. Phenomenon Wang paced market generally delayed Similar COFCO Creek project phase, with last July to get to the summer home of Mao source alley plots, is also still in the early stages of newspaper regulation, insiders expect the stock market to go to 2017. Chief analyst at Beijing Centerline Dewey opinion, during the second half 2013 projects across the country to the king, the whole show in this difficult market. In the case of the market cooling, high turnover and high-priced items cannot be realized, which causes difficult this year to promote the land http://www.hajjumrahpackage.com/ umrah express agents 2017 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation ground, the situation facing what? Then take to the king, the way how to go? Sample COFCO Creek king time to market is still to be determined In early June, the reporter went to last year’s win in the grain HIJ Chatoyant Creek land, the land has started to see, the wall in the middle is the excavation pit. The entire plot of the southeast corner of the main project framework has been up sales offices. A worker on the site told reporters that the sales office probably still need a month to complete. From the get to the date, the full grain Creek project is about a year’s time. July 23, 2013, COFCO Property to 2.36 billion Pounds, with the construction of 33,000 square meters of public rental conditions, Chatoyant District Creek HIJ competing plots. Pure commercial area close to the floor price of 50,000 Pounds / square meter, and even industry estimates its floor price of more than 52,000 Pounds / square meter. And surrounding the project compared to the food market with a slower pace Creek project, to take place over the past year, the project has not been presented. Lake Creek

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